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BB Cream by L’Oreal

1 Feb


There has been so much hype regarding B.B. Creams that brand after brand began releasing their versions onto the beauty market and it got me thinking about which were just jumping on the bandwagon therefore could not live up to its hype and which actually worked.

So without wasting your time with pointless reviews telling you which did not work and why they are not living up to expectation I give you the cream of the crop (pardon the pun).

L’Oreal B.B. Cream

  • Even coverage, making skin tone appear natural
  • Flawless application
  • Moisturizing, leaves skin feeling soft and clean
  • No need for extra layers such as primer or powder, whereas with some other brands the B.B. Cream seemed to come off quickly making me use primer which defeats the purpose of this type of cream!

This really is a B.B. Cream that delivers on it’s promise:

4 Beautifying Actions in 1

  1. hydrates
  2. corrects
  3. evens
  4. protects

What more could us beauties want?

Have you tried L’Oreal’s B.B. Cream? Do you prefer another brand? Share your secrets with us…


Mascara 101 – questions answered

1 Mar

Sometimes however much we practice or have people show us makeup tricks the products out there can cause confusion!

With so many products on the market we often need a little advice and who better than someone in the industry – let me introduce Heather C. Adessa. Having previously worked for Mac Cosmetics, Chanel, in salons and now freelancing she has the expertise and knowledge to help out makeup newbies as well as us junkies, everyone can use new advice!

To start off Heather’s advice series we take a look at Mascara (a cosmetic commonly used to enhance/define eyes)

  • What three mascara products would you recommend?

Mascara is probably the number one product a girl can’t go without; a makeup bag essential! And since mascara should be replaced every month (because the mascara brush is a bacteria-magnet), most people don’t want to spend a lot on their mascara, but they want it to work as if it cost a million bucks!

Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Waterproof Mascara

If you are looking for fuller, bolder lashes, Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Waterproof Mascara in Very Black is the way to go. It adds length and volume creating a fabulous fan of dark lashes.

One of my other favorites, which is a little more pricey (but definitely worth it) and great at separating lashes leaving them long and silky is Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils. What I also love about this mascara is that it comes in great colors that are subtle enough that you can wear them during the daytime.

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Clis

My third, and final, mascara which can also be found in your local CVS or Harmon’s Discounts (one of my favorite stores!) is my newest find L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes in Blackest Black. The new “clean sweep wiping system” is amazing. I have yet to come into a situation where this mascara becomes clumpy. It lengthens and gives enough volume that works well for day-to-night transition.


L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

  • What is the best way to apply mascara?

First, make sure the mascara brush looks clump free, if the brush has clumps your lashes will too.

I always start on the upper lashes at the outer edge and close to the lash line. Wiggle the brush slightly while gliding the brush up your lashes. Do the same thing each time while moving towards the inner part of the lash line. Then I do the bottom lashes without re-dipping my mascara wand. That way the brush doesn’t have too much mascara on it, you don’t want your lower lashes looking clumpy or too dark. Then repeat on the other eye.

  • In your opinion what advantages does curling your lashes before applying mascara have?

You have eyelashes so that they can catch bacteria before it enters your eye. They are like the security guards for your eyeball – they keep the bad stuff out! But they also act as a frame to your eyeball. When you curl them, they are bending upward, which will create a larger frame, hence making your eyeball look bigger and slightly more protected.

  • What is the best mascara for making lashes appear fuller and not too spiky?

Out of the three mentioned earlier, I would go with my third choice – L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes. It leaves your lashes looking amazing, but not overdone. I’m in love!

  • Which, if any, products/brands would you advise clients to use for growing lashes?

I personally have never tried any lashes growing products however I have spoken with a few people that have and they all have said they worked to some extent. However the common side effect of the “eyelid darkening” always seems to happen. If you feel that you need your lashes to grow and you decide to use any of the products be aware of the side effects. If lid darkening is your only problem you can put your foundation over your lid before eye shadow to lighten up your eye, it will also act as a primer.

  • When an error happens how would you advise taking off mascara without removing other makeup?

This is a problem that happens all the time – to everyone. You sneeze, you blink, you cough – any sudden movement of the eye area or slip of the wrist can make those tiny black/brown dots appear on your eyelid or below your eye. The first thing you can do so that this never happens again is put your eye makeup on first, therefore when you need to clean around your eye you won’t need to worry about your face makeup.

However if you do your face makeup first, which most people do, I would immediately put a little bit of makeup remover on a tissue and dab the tissue very lightly where the mistakes are. Do not wait until you finish your makeup as once eye makeup is dry it’s harder to get off.

Another tip – don’t ever wipe, it will make everything smudge and make a bigger mess.

If your mistake is that you layered too much and now your mascara is clumpy, take a tissue and sandwich it over the lashes and pull it lightly. This will remove the clump and some of the mascara so you can apply without having to do your entire eye makeup over.

  • What is the best way to remove mascara when you are done for the day/night?

If you use regular mascara, usually when washing your face, it will come off. However if you use waterproof mascara, I find that most of it comes off when washing your face with a cleanser. Pat face dry, then take a tissue with makeup remover and sandwich it over your lashes and rub very gently as this way it comes off but doesn’t get all over your skin. Do not pull at your lashes, we don’t want to pull them out!

Heather C. Adessa, makeup artist

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