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Can Childhood Favorites Become Grown Up Food?

11 Sep



Can meals from our childhood that we loved to chow down on or recipes we cook up for our children now get a makeover and become “Grown Up”?

  • Mac and Cheese…
  • Cheese Sticks…
  • Waffles…
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches…
  • Grilled Cheese…
  • Cheese and Tomato Pizza and French Fries…
  • Nuggets…
  • Spaghetti…

What childhood favorites do you have?

Let me know and I might try making them into adults!




Healthy Salads for the Weekend

31 Jan


Go shopping for vegetables and eat some salads this weekend… not just any salad thrown together with a high calorie dressing instead opt for one of the following choices:

Or maybe you need a side dish filled with nutrients and superb taste… try cooking up some Sauteed Kale

Benefits of Kale

  • High in fiber which leaves you feeling full for longer.
  • Contains vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium.

How do you stay feeling full during the weekends?



Easy Homemade Food and Weekend Ice Cream

13 Aug

BBQ Seitan

Homemade healthy food does not need to take hours to prepare and with these two easy recipes you will leisurely be sitting down enjoying your food versus standing in the kitchen for hours.

  • Try some comfort food without the extra calories with this delicious BBQ Seitan recipe, which takes minutes to make!


  • Bite into these Spicy Tofu Lettuce Wraps that not only give you yummy nutrients but also help you stay on track when it comes to staying in shape!

Of course everyone needs a treat and it has been said over and over again by diet experts that a cheat day is actually beneficial in the long run when sticking to your diet. Make your ice cream days luxurious with Talenti’s Caribbean Coconut flavor – AMAZING!! The scrumptious coconut pieces are heavenly, not so big that your teeth start to hurt but not so tiny that you begin to think you made a mistake and picked up a plain flavor!

What will you be eating this week?

Summer Recipes

22 Jun

  Get in shape this season and stay fit all year long with these six easy recipes for healthy filling meals –

CONTEST: Share your best dip recipe

15 Dec


Share your best dip recipe for the chance to win one of three fantastic prizes:

  • A $100 gift card to Whole Foods
  • A 6-month supply of Kashi TLC Pita Crisps
  • A 6-month supply of all-natural Tribe Hummus

Kashi is hosting an awesome recipe contest on where readers are asked to enter their best dip recipe and it couldn’t be easier, simply email

  • your recipe
  • name
  • age
  • address
  • daytime phone number
  • and email address

by Friday, December 16 (11:59 p.m)

Recipes will be judged on taste, nutrition and originality.

Good luck and let me know if you win!

Christmas has arrived at Starbucks!

2 Nov

The holidays have officially begun at Starbucks with today’s arrival of seasonal warm drinks and their Christmas themed cups.

  • Visit your nearest Starbucks and taste three of the holiday favorites, I recommend the Gingerbread Latte – it has been a front runner latte for me for years!

What gets you in the Christmas mood?

Find your Starbucks at or follow them @starbucks

Weekend Snacking…

22 Oct

Weekends are often the time for indulgences and I have the perfect two snacks for you to try this weekend… AND AS A BONUS – YOU WON’T FEEL AS GUILTY WHEN YOU FINISH THEM AS YOU DO WITH MANY OTHER SNACKS!!!

PROBAR HALO S'mores bar

HALO PROBAR‘s are a vegan foodies dream as not only does it replace the childhood favorite snack without the guilt but it is also healthier than most snack foods at 150 calories per bar.

A vegan snack that tastes truly scrumptious and will leave you feeling satisfied.

HALO PROBAR’s are certified organic, a good source of Omega 3 & 6, low in sugar, and are dairy free/vegan.

Other HALO PROBAR flavors include: Nutty Marshmallow, Rocky Road and Honey Graham.

Find HALO PROBAR‘s at Whole Foods, REI stores, and select natural food grocery stores.

Follow PROBAR on Twitter @theprobar

Coconut Bliss by Luna & Larry's

For guilt free vegan ice cream try Coconut Bliss by Luna & Larry’s – a delicious creamy snack that has so many flavors you’ll never be bored!

Some of my favorites that I would recommend include:

  • Cappuccino
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Mint Galactica

Find Luna & Larry’s vegan ice cream at your local Raley’s and Whole Foods.

Follow Luna & Larry @LunaandLarrys

Let me know your favorites once you try them… @parmie

WholeSoy Organics Soy Yogurt

13 Jun

Strawberry Banana Soy Yogurt

WholeSoy & Co. yogurts will make you rethink the way you view soy and yogurt products in general.

They have developed flavors and techniques in soy yogurt production to give foodies across the country a new option when it comes to yogurt, a healthier and much more animal friendly option!

  • All WholeSoy & Co. products are certified vegan by Vegan Action and are gluten free
  • They contain probiotic cultures
  • Are certified organic by QAI

Using real fruits and natural colorings the WholeSoy yogurts are full of tasty nutrients you can fill up on while still remaining healthy.

My current top three flavors are:

  1. Strawberry Banana
  2. Apricot Mango
  3. Key Lime

For more on WholeSoy yogurts read my review on

Berkeley Vegan Earth Day, Friday April 22nd 2011

21 Apr

The Bay Area’s first vegan Earth Day begins tomorrow, lets hope it becomes an annual event!

For more information please click here

What are you doing for Earth Day?

21st Century Vegetarians

12 Jan

BBQ Seitan Recipe

Get introduced to the 21st Century Vegetarians and discover tasty easy to make vegan meals.

Martha Theus, the founder, and her daughter Kamaal are living proof that a vegetarian diet is not only healthy but better for you than many people think.

Being vegetarian does not mean having to eat salads or “rabbit food” for every meal!

I recently cooked the 21st Century Vegetarians Barbeque Seitan, find out how it turned out and how simple it really is!


7 Day Vegetarian Starter Kit

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