New Years Eve Nails by Minx

23 Dec

Beyoncé w/ Minx Gold Hologram nails

Rihanna w/ Minx Pink & Gold Moon nails


Minx nails launched in 2008 and ever since the response has been more than positive with celebrities and fashion designers around the world.

A-list beauties spotted with Minx nails include Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian.

British legendary designer Vivienne Westwood and New York designer Stacey Clark both featured Minx nails during their Spring/Summer 2012 shows this past season.

Minx is a solid nail coating, applied through a process using heat and pressure. Minx is fantastic for expectant mothers and anyone sensitive to the usual nail polish fumes found in salons as no liquid/vapors are found with Minx. The solid nail coating is basically shrink wrapped to your nail making it both safe and quick.

“Minx is ideal for runway shows because you do not have to worry about smudging or drying the models’ nails, and with hair and makeup all working at once, that’s a huge benefit,” – Danielle Corbin Jaime, NailTaxiNYC owner.


©BeckyMaynes Vivienne Westwood backstage S/S 2012

Vivienne Westwood presented her S/S 2012 collection and using Minx nails completed the colorful theme of the collection. UK nail stylist Marian Newman met with Vivienne Westwood and her team ahead of the show to decide on the Minx nail look. Minx nails can fit into any style, whether you want high fashion or fun design so finding your look is easy with Minx nails.

“Together, we looked at a variety of Minx colors and designs that I felt matched (Westwood’s) theme, and Andreas (Vivienne’s husband) picked out the Minx that was the best fit.” The standard Minx designs of Flowers, Turquoise Chrome, Japanese Blossom, Oil Slick, Shell and Black were used with application partly on the nail and partly on the finger to look as if a child has been playing dress up.

©Meeno Lady Gaga











Minx will make a fabulous addition to your New Years Eve look this season as the application instantly looks party ready and with hundreds of designs to choose from you will have plenty of options, making your beauty style unique!

Some great choices this season can be seen below:

Minx for Lisa Logan: Golden Scales

Minx for Marian Newman: Hot Degrade

Minx for Marian Newman: Illumination

About Minx

Minx creators Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan launched Minx nails in 2008. As well as creating styles for fashion designers shows they also work on new designs for customers throughout the year.

The idea for Minx came about in 2006 when Janice was searching for a way to protect her nails, with the help of good friend Dawn they soon realized the need for nail coating to protect as well as make beauties look fabulous without chipping.

Today Minx is in over 40 countries and on the hands/feet of countless celebrities across the globe.

“Minx allows you to be playful with different looks and personalities for different occasions” – Dawn Lynch-Goodwin.

There are thousands of salons and spas that offer Minx in the U.S, find your nearest Minx stylist by visiting the salon locator or follow Minx @MinxNailsDotCom


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