Kim Kardashian Makeup DIY

15 Dec


Kim Kardashian may change her outfits multiple times a day and always surprise us with her next money making venture but one thing remains constant – her flawless makeup style.

She is a girl loyal to her beauty products!

Now you can also imitate her beauty look by following makeup artist Heather C. Adessa’s easy step-by-step instructions:

  1. First, make sure your skin is properly cleansed, and the correct moisturizer for your skin type has been applied. If you are not using the correct moisturizer your skin cannot look flawless so ask someone to help you if you are not sure.
  2. Apply your eye makeup as desired. Once done, clean any makeup that may have fallen onto your skin below the eye area with a makeup wipe. You should never apply makeup over fallen eye products!
  3. Now for the flawless skin; always start with face primer over the moisturizer. I love Laura Mercier Foundation Primers. They have created a perfect primer for each skin type, so you know you will achieve the right amount of protection.
  4. Once the primer is set I like to use Cle de Peau Concealer ($70) it is pricey but I believe the best! I have not been able to find another concealer that covers dark circles and fills fine lines as well as this one. I find that this concealer does its job no matter what the skin type you have. Also since you are using it under the eye, this stick will last a while. Use the brush to apply the concealer, down and over the top of your cheek bone and up the side of your nose towards the bridge. If you have any dark spots that need coverage use the concealer there too.
  5. Now that you look like a raccoon with opposite colors (your under area will appear very light at this point) it’s time for foundation. Again, just like moisturizer, you need to use the correct foundation for your skin type. Use a medium to full coverage foundation, so you have enough foundation to fill lines and hide any discolorations you may have.
  6. Use a medium coverage powder foundation, with a brush, next to set the previous layer of foundation. You should now have an airbrushed effect!
  7. Apply a little bronzer and always add blush. Apply blush to the top of your cheek bone area.
  8. Add a neutral toned lipstick with a good layer of clear gloss for the day or a bold red lipstick for night and you’re set! Flawless perfection!

Want to be featured on Good Girls Cook and Wear Makeup? Send me your flawless makeup photos and details on how you achieved the look to


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