LASH CONTROL tested and reviewed…

12 Dec


When new beauty products are launched into the market it can be exciting but also slightly daunting as no one likes to get rid of their trusty old favorite and go into the unknown!

Who knows if it will work? Will the price be worth the results?

Well I can tell you LashControl® is worth the wait and the results are FANTASTIC!! I am in love with the mascara from LashControl®

Currently LashControl® has three versions of their mascara:

  • Clear Squeeze, a clear coat mascara and brow fix, $16
  • Purple Squeeze, 2x black volumizing brush which volumizes and conditions lashes, $20
  • Pink Squeeze, black mascara which lengthens and conditions, $20

Clear Squeeze is perfect for controlling brows, they remain looking natural versus wet or dry and not only do unruly eyebrows stay in place for hours but they also stay soft rather than go hard which can happen when you try the hairspray trick. Clear squeeze can also be used to create depth without adding color to lashes.

Clear Squeeze

Purple Squeeze gives instant volume to lashes without clumping, which might be due to their new mascara technology*

LashControl® is a beauty product you can instantly see the results with and instead of the “fake” lashes look you get longer volumized lashes that not only look natural but will have friends wondering how you got that beauty glow overnight!

*LashControl® tubes allow you to squeeze the outer patented wiper sleeve so consumers have control over how much mascara comes out for each application. There is no more wiping along the outer edge of the mascara tube.

Purple Squeeze

Pink Squeeze lengthens lashes while adding a subtle hint of black color, the conditioning treatment allows for healthier growth as well as protection for your now stunning long lashes!

Pink Squeeze

LashControl® is definitely a beauty favorite I’ll be continuing with… in love with my non flaky un-clumped lashes thanks to LashControl®

No wonder celebrity make-up artist Scott Barnes calls it “GENIUS.” Scott works with beauties Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez amongst many other A-list stunners. Check out his step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the “perfect” lash look here.

To purchase LashControl® click here (each mascara product comes packaged in a fabulous outer tube as shown above in the first image, making these excellent Christmas stocking gifts) or follow them @LashControl

The Formula: Each mascara contains organic ingredients including Chamomile flower extract, ginko biloba extract and ginseng root extract.


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