Sweet scented nail polish for the holidays

31 Oct

LOVE, rose scent


TUFF SCENT add a splash of color and fragrance into your nails.

  • The scented polish comes in six different collections; Fire, Sunrise, Mineral, Earth, Water and Garden.
  • Each scent releases as soon as the polish dries on your nail and the fragrant smell lasts up to 24 hours.

Currently sold online at tuffscent.com for $14 (.50 oz bottle) these nail colors are fast becoming a Hollywood staple with fans including superstar Beyonce, actress Janelle Parrish (Pretty Little Liars), entertainer Vanessa Hudgens, as well as trend setters Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen.

Go bright this holiday season with your very own rose scented color, LOVE, or try a seasonal metallic with the dark plumeria scented EXPLORE and the grapefruit infused WISDOM.

How about experimenting with a mocktail of scents? Mix and match?

EXPLORE, plumeria scent

WISDOM, grapefruit scent


“Scented nail polish has a fun twist, you can apply it, smell it and it brings a smile to your face,” says Sylvana Barbash, co-founder of Tuff Scent.

The idea was founded after Barbash gave her mother, Lisa Arnbrister, the idea when she would color in her nails with scented markers as a child.

Founded in 1996 the scented nail polishes have become an overnight sensation with celebrity fans, features on Good Morning America, In Style, Vogue, and W to name just a few.


The collections are sure to make fabulous stocking gifts this Christmas so get shopping!


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