Weekend Snacking…

22 Oct

Weekends are often the time for indulgences and I have the perfect two snacks for you to try this weekend… AND AS A BONUS – YOU WON’T FEEL AS GUILTY WHEN YOU FINISH THEM AS YOU DO WITH MANY OTHER SNACKS!!!

PROBAR HALO S'mores bar

HALO PROBAR‘s are a vegan foodies dream as not only does it replace the childhood favorite snack without the guilt but it is also healthier than most snack foods at 150 calories per bar.

A vegan snack that tastes truly scrumptious and will leave you feeling satisfied.

HALO PROBAR’s are certified organic, a good source of Omega 3 & 6, low in sugar, and are dairy free/vegan.

Other HALO PROBAR flavors include: Nutty Marshmallow, Rocky Road and Honey Graham.

Find HALO PROBAR‘s at Whole Foods, REI stores, and select natural food grocery stores.

Follow PROBAR on Twitter @theprobar

Coconut Bliss by Luna & Larry's

For guilt free vegan ice cream try Coconut Bliss by Luna & Larry’s – a delicious creamy snack that has so many flavors you’ll never be bored!

Some of my favorites that I would recommend include:

  • Cappuccino
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Mint Galactica

Find Luna & Larry’s vegan ice cream at your local Raley’s and Whole Foods.

Follow Luna & Larry @LunaandLarrys

Let me know your favorites once you try them… @parmie


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