Halloween Makeup: Cat Lady

18 Oct

Halloween is just around the corner and inspiration can be found everywhere!

Make your Halloween fun this year with limited stress. Instead of worrying about what to wear or how much your costume, including cosmetics, will cost think about the personality you can create and with the above look you can work within a budget as the Cat Inspired makeup can be created with regular daily makeup!

Make-up artist Heather C. Adessa gives us easy to-do tips on how to create this look:

  1. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer on your face and then immediately apply a heavy layer of deep bronzer over the top. The moisturizer helps the bronzer to stick to the skin as well as making it look darker than it does in the palette.
  2. Using a deep brown foundation, apply with a brush/sponge, above the eye area and below the lower lashes.
  3. With a light powder or light beige foundation highlight the center of the forehead, nose and above the lip areas.
  4. Use black eyeliner, either a pencil or gel liner, to add the black outlining and dots you see in the image above.
  5. Apply some false lashes and you are good to go!


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