Featherlocks Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

18 Oct

featherlocks for a cure

Featherlock’s feather hair extensions wants to help raise awareness and funds for the Cure this month, so turning their popular Featherlocks pink for October was a natural step for the cause.

10% of all the proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, helping their amazing contribution to Breast Cancer Research.

The unique bright pink Featherlocks are full of spirit and attitude so wear them with pride and help a worthy cause.

Pink Featherlocks Products

  • Pink Braiders, 10 feathers longer than the originals that include five grizzly braiders and five solid braiders.
  • Pink Fats, 1o pink feathers varying in color shade, thickness and length.
  • Pink Faux Featherlocks, 10 pieces of faux pink feathers that are seventeen inches long and come with ten microbeads.
  • Pink Original Mix Pack, a mix of 25 different hued pink Featherlocks in a one-of-a-kind Breast Cancer Awareness pack.
  • Pink Premium Mix, 25 of the longest Featherlocks.
  • Pink Puppylocks, 3-5 of pink featherlocks with microlinks.
  • Pink Shortie Bundles, 5 pre-bundled extensions that range in length that include five pink feathers and ten microbeads.

Order online or click here to find your nearest stockist

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