How To Apply False Lashes

3 Oct

Heather C. Adessa, freelance makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist, will explain in a special Halloween series on Good Girls Cook and Wear Makeup how to easily achieve various Halloween makeup looks.

Her previous post explained how to achieve a classic Lady Gaga look, here she talks us through applying false eyelashes:

“One staple for many Halloween costume makeup applications is applying false eyelashes! Below I will teach you how do it yourself”.

  • First get the lashes you LOVE, as well as fit your costume. MAC Cosmetics has great lashes, $15 per pair, however the chances of you using the same pair more than once are slim so I recommend Ardell Lashes. Ardell Lashes are sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply and local drugstores such as CVS and Harmon’s Beauty for $4 per pair. Ardell Lashes can be reused the same as the MAC Cosmetics lashes.

  • Now that you have the lashes, I recommend purchasing DUO Eyelash Adhesive. It is by far my favorite one, and nothing else I have tried comes close to DUO! Duo comes in both clear and dark tones. Clear is actually a white glue that drys clear and the dark tone is a dark grey that drys black. Personally I use the clear DUO more as when I use a colored liner instead of a black the color shows through.

  • For easy application I also suggest purchasing a lash applicator, both Ardell and Sephora have good choices. Applicators are rounded so they curve with the eyeball making it easy to apply.

Step by Step False Eyelash Application:

Remember to apply and finish your eye makeup before applying the false lashes, minus the mascara of course!

  1. Take the false lash you are applying first and place in the applicator as instructed on the packaging. Make sure the lash is not too long, if it is longer than your eye lash area you may want to trim the ends. If you do trim the false lashes make sure you trim from the outer edge as your lashes should be smaller on the inner side.
  2. Once the lash is in the applicator use a q-tip or the end of a glue tube and put a light amount of glue on the entire band of the false lash. Make sure the glue does not touch the actual false lashes themselves, just the band, and make it smooth not goopy.
  3. Then place directly above the lash line, following your natural lash. Let the applicator go and it should stay. If the false lash comes off slightly use your fingertips to readjust. Once the lashes are in place and have stuck you can use a clean q-tip to apply a very small amount of glue to the end of the lashes for extra reassurance.
  4. Wait for the glue to dry and apply a coat of mascara so your real lashes blend into the false lashes. I also usually blend the band of lashes with eyeliner using an angled brush and matching eyeshadow.

“Remember practice makes perfect so have a few trials before your night out!”

To contact makeup artist Heather C. Adessa visit her at


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