nails inc. LONDON comes to AMERICA

26 Sep

Set of 4 color collection, $25

nails inc. the UK’s most unique nail color collection has arrived in America and Sephora currently has three sets in stock.

Colors have classic London names like Kensington, Warwick Way, Devonshire Row and one set is inspired by recent catwalk collections.

  • Formulated with advanced technology, the color has a long lasting and glossier results.

Choose from Sephora’s current sets of

  • Color Collection – Autumn, set of 4, limited edition $25 (shown above)
  • Color Collection – Neutral, set of 4, limited edition, $25
  • Magnetic Polish Trio, exclusive limited edition, $30 – new effect explained below

nails inc. LONDON – Color Collection – Autumn, 4 x 0.33 oz bottles (shown above)

Four catwalk inspired shades named after iconic UK places:

  • Charing Cross, classic red
  • Fenchurch Street, warm caramel
  • Paddington, dark smoky gray
  • St. Pancras, burgundy wine

nails inc. LONDON – Color Collection – Neutral, 4 x 0.33 oz bottles

Four neutral catwalk inspired shades named after iconic London streets and places:

  • Elizabeth Street, sheer nude peach
  • Jermyn Street, muted pink brown
  • The Thames, dark cement gray
  • Porchester Square, dove gray

nails inc. LONDON – Magnetic Polish Trio, 3 x 0.33 oz bottles

Three magnetic colors that create a 3D effect in chic metallic shades. The finished result is textured and unique.

  • Houses of Parliament, purple
  • Trafalgar Square, chrome
  • Big Ben, gold

How to get the magnetic 3D effect:

  1. Remove any oil from your nails with nail polish remover.
  2. Apply your chosen base coat.
  3. Take off the cap that contains the magnet and set to one side.
  4. Using the inner cap apply one coat of the magnetic polish and let your nails dry.
  5. Applying color to one nail at a time immediately hold the cap containing the magnet over the still wet nail. there is a small lip on the cap which can be placed just below your cuticle. Hold very close, but not touching the nail, for 10-15 seconds.
  6. Apply a top coat to seal the design and you’re done!

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