Eyebrow Tips from Barneys Brow Expert, Robert Sweet William

10 Jun

Eyebrows can be tricky beauty areas to groom, they can go from untamed and over grown to trimmed beyond recognition!

Whilst getting a professional to groom/shapes our brows is often the best solution it is not always practical  due to time, money, or even location issues.

Therefore take a five minute break and read the following beauty saving advice from Barneys Brow Expert, Robert Sweet William:












  1. Be Prepared. Start with the right tools: a good pair of tweezers, scissors, and brow powder or pencil are essentials.
  2. Beware of Trends. Bushy eyebrows may look great on the runway, but for real life, choose a classic shape that will stand the test of time.
  3. Go Straight Ahead. The eyebrow hair should lay nice and flat to the skin, but do not round them. Instead, keep the thickness even and straight.
  4. Step Away from the Tweezers. Don’t over-tweeze! A defined shape is crucial, but going overboard with tweezers can lead to barely-there brows. If you think you’ve overdone it, step away and make an appointment with a brow specialist ASAP.

To make an appointment with Robert Sweet William email browman@barneys.com, call 212-833-2606 or visit the Barneys Brow Studio in New York.

Robert Sweet William

Eyebrow expert Robert Sweet William has been working his magic for over 15 years on eyebrows across the globe including many celebrities and models. Since 2005 he has been the Barneys’ in-house brown Guru.

To read the full article or check out some recommended grooming essentials click here BARNEYS NY The Window.


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