Lipstick 101 – questions answered

12 May

Lipstick is one area many can get it so wrong, whether that means applying too much so the color bleeds or choosing the wrong products so here we have Heather C. Adessa give us information on the products out there currently for our lips… And remember lips can attract or turn people off so look after them well!

  • What lipstick color trends do you see appearing for the summer?

This spring/summer season is all about color, but there are different ways you can show your colors. Lots of bold bright colors together – always fantastic! Corals are the hot color for spring! But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your hottest pink or your brightest red!

  • What tips can you give for when we choose colors?

You want to work with your skin tone, your hair color and your outfit. You want colors that will bring out your features, not wash out the coloring in your face. Everyone can wear almost any color; it just depends on the shade and the tones. For example, an olive skinned dark featured woman usually looks better in blue based red lipstick rather than an orange based red lipstick. That might sound like nonsense but next time when you are at a cosmetics counter have the makeup artist show you the difference. If you have a reddish skin tone to your skin you don’t want to use orange based colors because they will highlight the red skin, instead you want to use cooler based tones such as blues.

  • In your opinion what is the best long lasting lipstick currently on the market?

You don’t have to wear a long wear lip color for it to last long. Using a lip liner first (to line and fill in the lips) helps lipstick and glosses to last longer. Also matte lipsticks tend to last longer than glossier or frosted lipsticks. Not everyone like the “long wear” lipstick and many companies create a long wear lipstick but then only have it in five or seven shades. Estee Lauder has their Double Wear line that are long wear products; including lipstick and lip liners. They have sixteen different shades of lipstick and a bunch of liners to match. If those colors aren’t your color choice then MAC has great matte lipsticks as well as new limited-edition colors every season.

  • If not using a long lasting lipstick what is the best way to make lip color last longer than a couple of hours?

Don’t eat, drink or talk – JUST KIDDING! Using a lip liner on dry lips is the next alternative. Line your lips with the pencil, the fill them in lightly as it creates a canvas that the lipstick will adhere to.

  • What routine do you recommend to get smooth soft lips?

There are a few steps to smooth lips for people who aren’t naturally blessed. I always put some balm on before bed and before my shower. The steam from the shower mixed with the balm gives an ultra smooth and soft feel. I love Smith’s Rosebud Lip Balm. Also using a lip exfoliate every other day or so can help with really dry or chapped lips. Laura Mercier and Mary Kay each have a great lip set (exfoliate and balm) that works wonders.

Smith's Lip Balm $7

  • Are lip balms/moisturizers necessary when letting your lips rest from colored products?

I would say yes, I think having a layer of protection for your lips is the way to go. I would recommend a balm with an SPF for sun protection. The skin on your lips is thin and can burn or dry out easily. Having that extra layer of protection  would be wise and you don’t have to purchase anything expensive. Chapstick or even your local store brand is good enough, as long as it works for you!

  • What are your top three lip products/brands at the moment?

There are so many! MAC cosmetics is one of my favorite companies for lipsticks and glosses because they have a large variety of colors and textures of products. They make the same color in matte, frosty or with sparkles – all give a different effect. If you are looking for a lip-gloss type of application but you want more color than an average lip-gloss try NARS, Chihuahua is one of my favorites! A nude/pink that looks great on every skin tone, shown below.

NARS lipgloss $24

Heather C. Adessa –

Heather has worked for the impressive cosmetics giants MAC, Chanel as well as in salons. She now freelances and helps beauty junkies like us explore the beauty world! Follow her @makeupheathera or “LIKE” her on Facebook by clicking here or find out more about Heather via her website

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