oh my GOSH I’m still in love with this nail polish

5 Apr

some of the latest colors from GOSH

In the fickle world of cosmetics where it seems every few days there is a new product on the scene it can be easy to fall in and out of love so imagine my surprise when I realize I’m still in love with one particular brand – GOSH.

Over three years ago I came across GOSH cosmetics and thankfully decided to try their nail polish… I still have that particular color at home, it still applies well and shines like the first time I wore it. In fact every time I have worn the Pink Rose GOSH nail polish someone has commented positively on the color and the smooth sheen.

Finding myself back in England for a short break I headed back to Superdrug (the UK store I first saw GOSH) and now have a new GOSH nail polish favorite – Groovy Grey, pictured far right in the photo to the left.

Though called Groovy Grey the shade has a slight taupe color to it, making it a fabulous new take on previous seasons greys and browns.

  • Applies well, one coat can often be enough.
  • Keeps the original shine even after several days of wear.
  • Does not chip easily.
  • Nails appear stronger and healthier due to the smooth result.
  • Your nails have a professional looking finish.

Thankfully GOSH delivers a selection of their nail polish shades as well as other cosmetics abroad so visit GOSH online and try out the wonderful nail polish for yourself or visit Superdrug (if you happen to be in the UK) and see the full collection – you won’t be disappointed with the results!

GOSH nail polish $9.50, online

Let me know what color you want this season…

About GOSH

GOSH® Cosmetics is a Denmark-based cosmetics, bath & body and fragrance company started over 25 years ago. Currently selling in over 60 countries, GOSH has recently become the main  provider for 10MinuteManicure in the US. 10MinuteManicure is a growing chain of express nail salons located at airports and malls.


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