2 ingredient mask, tighten & smooth out skin

30 Nov
Tighten & Smooth Out Skin

Tighten & Smooth Out Skin

This easy to make face mask will

tighten your skin whilst giving it a brighter & more smoothed out look

You will need:

  • 1/3 cup of gram flour (besan flour)
  • 7 teaspoons of plain yogurt

How to prepare and apply:

  1. Mix together the gram flour and yogurt in a small bowl. Once combined the mixture should be smooth and thick in appearance.
  2. Apply to your face, staying away from hairline and eye area, as shown in the photos here.
  3. Leave on for approx 20 – 25 minutes, your skin will start to feel tight and some of the mask will dry out.
  4. With warm water massage your skin whilst washing the mask off.
  5. Your skin will instantly feel tighter, smoother and appear brighter – apply your favorite face cream/oil once you have dried your face.

Kissable for the season ahead!

One of the great things about this natural homemade mask is you can apply cosmetics straight away as the skin is left smooth and tight like an art canvas!

Any leftovers can be kept in the fridge, if the mixture gets hard for the next application add a teaspoon of water/yogurt and mix well.

Easy preparation in one simple step gives you fabulous skin for the holiday season ahead… We all need alone time to recharge.

What are your favorite face masks for the winter season?


One Response to “2 ingredient mask, tighten & smooth out skin”

  1. Rachel S December 6, 2010 at 1:21 am #

    I can’t wait to try this!! Love your pics!

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