My Favorite Thing To Put On My Lips…

7 Jul

Ā©AspireBrands Dr. Pepper Lip Collection

So for months now I have been obsessed with a certain lip coverage – the fantastic Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker.

I cannot stop using my lip smacker balm, which thanks to my hubby I discovered! A story to be explained another time! And I am not ashamed to admit I panicked ever so slightly, okay badly, when my local store ran out of stock. Long story short when I found the trio pack a few weeks ago I stood in the aisle and let out such a joyous shout that my father who was with me at the time thought I had discovered gold.

  • The balm, pictured far left, has a subtle hint of the tasty soda but not too much that you’ll start to feel sugar overload. With the flattering light red hue color the need for lipstick goes out the door and that coming from me, a woman that LOVES lipstick, is a statement not said lightly. A great balm to have in your purse or pocket for a quick and easy lip glow.

So whether you call it lip balm, chapstick, or gloss the Dr. Pepper family have it covered.

  • Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker Single Balm, approx $1.75

or for extra value and moisture choice check out the

  • Dr. Pepper Flavor Collection: approx $5.75
  • Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker Balm – my absolute number one ‘must’ have lip balm.
  • Dr. Pepper Squeezy Lip Smacker – this gloss has a stronger Dr. Pepper smell than the balm and definitely has more shine.
  • Dr. Pepper Liquid Lip Smacker – a great non stick formula with subtle shine.

Find these Lip Smackers and more across America and Canada at: Wal-Mart, Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Justice and Kroger as well as online at

Do you have a favorite Lip Smacker? Tell me more…


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