When moms come to visit :-)

21 Jun

©PGhoman Fridge of Love filled by Moms

How come when moms come to visit the fridge begins to make funny noises, like when a humans stomach is full?

When both my own mom came over to California for a vacation and when my husbands mom came over for a visit it was as if they thought we never ate when they were not around or we did not know how to cook! It is true that when I lived at home I hardly entered the kitchen except when asking “Is dinner ready?” and the same went for my husband though when we both lived alone we somehow managed to figure out the concept of cooking 🙂

The angels disguised as moms spend hours preparing and cooking food for us to freeze and refrigerate to be eaten at a later date. They then make an extra batch for us to eat in their presence as proof we do actually eat!

We will forever be our moms little babies which kind of explains the overfull fridge/freezer situation, both moms claim they are coming over to see us for a vacation but end up spending most of their time with us in the kitchen cooking or in the grocery store buying supplies. Only a mom could claim that to be a vacation! Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE home cooked food by my moms – it can never be beaten but do moms not need rest too?! Perhaps you have to be a mom to understand their way of thinking. Whatever is behind the food madness, our full stomachs certainly thank them and when we are taking their ready prepared food out of the fridge/freezer a little smile does appear on our faces as we remember their strange little ways!

And if you are wondering how much food both my moms actually make when they come to visit, the freezer supply can last close to one year!! After all even Good Girls Need A Day Off 🙂

Thank you moms and please come again!!


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