tokidoki makes your lips & eyes sparkle w/ grown up style

17 Jun

©Sephora tokidoki Prisma Lip Gloss in L.A Gun

©Sephora tokidoki Brillante Glitter Eyeliner in Rosetta

TOKIDOKI should be an inspiration to women across the world, originally a personal website set up by Simone Legno to serve as her own artistic diary, today tokidoki has turned into an international brand.

Seven years ago Simone was contacted by the team behind Hard Candy Cosmetics, she moved from Rome to Los Angeles after being made a dream offer – make tokidoki a brand and share it with the world.

TOKIDOKI means “sometimes” in Japanese and with tokidoki Simone has proved sometimes dreams do come true! Making the world a little more colorful one step at a time, tokidoki gives us cute playful characters with subtle sexy attitudes.

One of the collections within tokidoki is the cosmetics line, available now exclusively at Sephora stores nationwide and online, and here are two of my personal favorites I think you will love.

Each has the youthful fun vibe that has made tokidoki so popular yet when applied the look is sophisticated, giving us grown-ups a chance to play without looking like we applied makeup minus a mirror!

Prisma Lip Gloss, $15

Giving high-shine with a smooth application.

  • The gloss applicator is made from clear silicone which allows for an extremely smooth finish, you will notice the difference instantly.
  • Each lip gloss has a blueberry flavor smell, though do not let that put you off as the smell is subtle and actually pleasant.
  • Each gloss provides non-sticky finishes, which every girl knows is highly important!
  • No animal testing on these glosses means you can feel some good karma when applying these and we could all use some extra good karma!
  • Find your very own tokidoki character inside a mini snow globe within the caps of the lip gloss, we are never too old for snow globes.
  • Choose from sixteen color options, each one more daring than the next. Find pinks, browns, purples, blues and even a green shade. My personal favorite is the “LA Gun” a sexy pink color perfect for pouting in.

Brillante Glitter Eyeliner, $14

Vivid shades with glitter, great for nights out with the girls.

  • The Brillante Glitter Eyeliner offers a little something different to the usual eyeliners worn throughout the day. With the subtle glitter effect you can make a statement without saying a word.
  • Also not tested on animals giving you extra kind credits.
  • Color is long wearing and the pencil itself is a good size, it is thin enough to not take up too much room but also long enough to last a reasonable amount of time/sharpens!
  • Choose from fourteen colors, whether you want everyday black, browns and grays or vibrant greens, purples and blues. Currently I am in love with “Liberty” a teal color with gold glitter specks and the “Skeletro” a navy with silver glitter specks.

Also available exclusively at Sephora is the tokidoki limited-edition “Bellissima Makeup Bags” which every Good Girl needs to keep her makeup safe!

What do you think of tokidoki? Do you have a favorite piece from the cosmetics collection? Leave me a comment below to let me know…


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