#1 nail color remover: Sephora by OPI

13 May

©Sephora Sephora by OPI Nail Color Remover

I am one of those people that notices fingernails and when my own are chipped or not polished it makes me wish for snow so I can hide them in gloves! Therefore painting my nails is important and with changing colors comes the once dreaded nail polish remover. I say ‘once dreaded’ as it used to be that when I would use nail polish remover my nails would instantly feel dry and start to appear unhealthy. After loosing count on how many polish removers I tried with the same thing happening I was beginning to loose hope UNTIL … Sephora by OPI came my way!

It is by far the best nail polish remover I have ever tried and after having friends try it I can honestly say it doesn’t just work on me.

  • Nails appear healthier due to the gentle formula.
  • There is a non drying ingredient which makes your nails shine rather than dry out and flake.
  • Polish is removed quickly with minimal sweeps, even my black and deep purple colors came off without leaving residue!

It almost feels like you have put moisturizer on your nails and not nail polish remover due to the non-drying effect. Try this, you will not be disappointed!

Ingredients include:

  • Grape seed oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Aloe vera and
  • Sea kelp

Price: $5 for 2 oz bottle or $9 for 4 oz bottle.

Let me know how you find it by leaving a comment below!


One Response to “#1 nail color remover: Sephora by OPI”

  1. Dawn Del Russo May 13, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    I am totally trying it out.. I hate the way remover dry’s nails out.. thanks lots for the tip!

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