Fresh lemon tips – what you can do immediately

6 May
  • Once you have picked your lemons from the tree do not leave them lying around for too long as they tend to loose their juice. I would recommend five days at the most.
  • Cut the lemons in half and squeeze out the juice, store half in jugs/bowls (with lids) in the fridge and pour the other half into ice cube trays to make lemon ice cubes for later use. – I’ll be posting ideas on how to use both the frozen and the lemon juice in recipes so do not forget to subscribe to this blog!
  • Measure how much lemon juice you put into the ice cube trays with a tablespoon so you are aware when using later in recipes.
  • When you are squeezing the juice out you will be getting a lot of pulp, store this in the fridge in a container as I am sure we can find a use for it later!

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